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Kyle, Texas | Economic Development

Doing Business

Kyle is located 20 miles south of Austin and 50 short miles from San Antonio. It is conveniently dissected by NAFTA highway Interstate 35 creating ease of access between the two MSAs. Kyle has experienced unparalleled growth of 427% over the past decade and is located in Hays County, also one of the fastest growing counties in the country. You will find the City of Kyle to have a pro-business climate with a committed, progressive and collaborative community. Kyle has affordable, available and growing workforce, quality education base and the benefit of a strategic location in the heart of one of the fastest growing corridors in the nation. In addition, the city has ample acreage of available property, an affordable cost of doing business, a favorable tax structure and is growing its utility and roadway infrastructure to support growth and future development.

Kyle has a goal of becoming a full-service community and actively seeks to greatly enhance and diversify the tax base with local employment such as those that may be offered by your facilities. We strive to attract a diverse mix of companies and jobs where the citizens can support their families and promote strong, balanced growth throughout the community that will complement the resources of the city and future growth.

The current average weekly wage for all industries in Hays County is $607. And, though the recent unemployment numbers for Kyle appear to be low, the local workforce deserves deeper thought and attention. Approximately 80% of the population currently travel outside the city limits on a daily basis to work. This astounding statistic proves extraordinary under-employment and insufficient availability of existing quality jobs. You will find the City of Kyle leadership and staff to be pro-business and supportive of company locations that will assist in filling that employment gap.

Several factors prove that the area is very progressive including transportation, utility and water plans, access and construction. The City of Kyle is currently undergoing major highway and infrastructure improvements including wastewater line extensions and expansion of new and existing roadways.

The City of Kyle is pleased to consider potential incentives based upon factors such as capital investment, creation of tax revenue, job creation numbers and average wage.

Available local incentives include:

  • Development Fee Waivers/Rebates
  • Facilitation of Permits
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Freeport Tax Exemption
  • Property Tax Rebates/Phase-In
  • Public Improvements District
  • Sales Tax Rebates
  • Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone
  • Utility Rate Reductions/Infrastructure Extensions
  • Waiver/Modification of Development Regulations/Standards
  • Business Services (encompassing special attention in facilitating the development process, community outreach, location and hiring support needs.)

Typically the Site Development process/planning take approximately 8 weeks. This can vary depending on complexity of the project, completeness of submittals, Planning & Zoning and City Council agenda availability and applicant’s timeliness. The completeness, accuracy and complexity of the project will determine how long the Permit Process will take to complete a first review and correction list. The first review is completed within 3-4 weeks for commercial projects.

Internally, the City of Kyle Economic Development Department is part of the Community Development Team, working hand in hand with the Planning, Engineering and Building Departments to offer a “one-stop-shop” experience in order to warrant a seamless development process. The City of Kyle economic development staff also works closely with Hays County on economic development projects to ensure positive growth and success of Kyle and the county as a whole. We will work cooperatively with the State of Texas Office of the Governor and Hays County to navigate processes as diligently and efficiently as possible.

The City of Kyle is a vibrant youthful community with an average age of 29, which has experienced a population multiplied 7 times over since the 2000 census. This population influx from 5,000 residents to just over 37,000 has poised Kyle to become the largest city within Hays County. However, the City maintains a small town value system including creativity, integrity and dedication to its citizens and business community.

Thank you for your interest in the City of Kyle, Texas. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your specific needs. Please feel free to contact the economic development department anytime with questions.