"The Seton Healthcare Family opened Seton Medical Center Hays in Kyle in Oct. 2009 to serve a fast-growing, but medically under served area of Central Texas.  From the moment Seton announced its intentions to open its full-service medical facility, the entire Kyle community has warmly embraced us.  As a city that values maintaining a small town feel even while experiencing rapid growth,  Kyle recognizes the benefit of welcoming large employers to the area to provide employment opportunities for its residents The City of Kyle continues to be a collaborative business partner as we expand to meet the growing demand for services in the area." ~ Herb Dyer, Vice President and Project Executive, Seton Medical Center Hays & Kyle Area Chamber of Commerce Board President

"The City of Kyle has been very responsive to our requests for support, everything from the Kyle Police Department providing an added “presence” in our Emergency Department, to City Planners responding quickly to our requests for permits, to the Kyle Fire Department supporting emergency training.  Several other city departments have been equally supportive.  We value these collaborative relationships very much and look forward to a continued beneficial partnership for the foreseeable future." ~ Herb Dyer, Vice President and Project Executive, Seton Medical Center Hays & Kyle Area Chamber of Commerce Board President

"I have the pleasure of working for the best employer in Central Texas – Seton Medical Center Hays.  Working for Seton is more than a job, it's a place where I know I can make a difference.  At Seton our patients are our family." ~ Seton Medical Center Hays Employee

"Living 5 minutes away from my job at Seton Hays is great, no traffic definitely starts my day on a good note!" ~ Seton Medical Center Hays Employee


"The advantages of doing business in Kyle include access to a highly educated workforce in the larger central Texas region and the ability to recruit from San Antonio to Austin and everywhere in between. Additionally, good transportation options (1-35 corridor, Austin airport, proximity to port of Houston), high quality of life for employees, low cost of living for employees, low corporate tax rate, proximity to the central Texas clean-tech and high-tech innovation corridor for partnerships, and collaboration are all great reasons to be in Kyle.

 When we located in Kyle, our building was in the middle of nowhere and now is surrounded by strong neighborhoods, schools, services, healthcare, retail etc. That has benefited us by increasing quality of life for our employees and also giving us a larger and stronger base of employees to hire. In addition, transportation upgrades have improved our ability to move our product to and from market and the cost of doing business in Kyle, as opposed to many other cities, has given us the opportunity to grow at a faster rate.   Additionally, the City of Kyle played a key role in XP's successful Emerging Technology Fund proposal as well as playing a key role in exploring expansion options." ~ Xtreme Power