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Kyle, Texas | Economic Development


The City of Kyle is a Home Rule City, with a City Manager form of Government.  The City Council is comprised of a Mayor and six Council Members.  The Mayor and three Council Members are chosen "at large".  The other three Council Members are elected from districts.  

Kyle has adopted a City Charter.  This Charter is periodically reviewed and updated.  This document is how the City of Kyle operates.  Click here to view Charter 

All the meetings of the City Council, Commissions and Boards are open to the public and have agendas that can be viewed prior to the meetings.  Click here to view agendas.

City Council

Travis Mitchell


Dex Ellison
Council Member, Dist. 1

Tracy Scheel
Council Member, Dist. 2

Michael Tobias
Council Member, Dist. 3

Alex Villalobos
Council Member, Dist. 4

Rick Koch
Council Member, Dist. 5

Daphne Tenorio
Council Member Dist. 6

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