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Kyle, Texas | Economic Development

Strategic & Comprehensive Plan

Strategic Plan

An Economic Development Strategic Plan was prepared for the City of Kyle by The Natelson Dale Group.  The Plan was formally adopted by Kyle City Council in October 2015.

Vision: Kyle is dedicated to setting the stage for development success – in economic development as well as real estate development.


Target Markets

High Tech Advanced Manufacturing including Bio & Food Manufacturing

Destination Recreation

Professional/Business Services




Goal 1: "Brand" Kyle to meaningfully differentiate it among other I-35 communities.

Goal 2: Expand and diversify Kyle economy to help meet the employment patterns of Kyle working residents.

Goal 3: Support the expansion of Kyle's economy proactive development efforts.

Goal 4: Maintain competitive capacity for economic development in Kyle.

Download the Strategic Plan


Comprehensive Plan

A Comprehensive Plan provides a clear record of the community's goals and visions and supplies guidance for future municipal decisions. A Comprehensive Plan is firmly grounded in assessments of the existing natural, physical, social, and economic conditions of the community. Public input, comments, and support are gathered at each stage of the planning process, in order to educate the public, foster local leadership, and ensure that the Plan is representative of the will of the people. Individual plan elements reflect these inputs and are synchronized to create coordinated directives for desired development in the future. Finally, an implementation strategy is prepared to guide realization of the Comprehensive Plan and of the community’s vision.

A Comprehensive Plan prepared with these methods and components will be a record of publicly derived vision that directs decision-making and actions by elected officials and City staff in matters of all scales.

Download The Comprehensive Plan

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