Kids and families at the LaVerde Ribbon Cutting event playing at the playground

The City of Kyle is the nation's third fastest growing city with a population of over 50,000 and is poised to be the largest city in Hays County. Our population multiplied seven times over since the 2000 Census from 5,000 citizens to over 62,500 in 2023. We maintain a small town value system including dedication, integrity and creativity to our residents and business communities.

Hays County is a populous suburban county in the Austin metropolitan area with a population of 269,225 people with a growth rate of approximately 5.1%.  Hays County, the nation’s fastest-growing county and center of the Texas Innovation Corridor, is the southern-most portion of the Austin MSA. Hays County is a diverse area made up of unique natural assets, multiple workforce development institutions including Texas State University and Austin Community College, world-class shopping and wineries, the “Wedding Capital of Texas” and the “Pie Capital of Texas”, and a myriad of major employers.

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